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25/5/2020MONDAYIN CONVERSATION WITH HICHKI - Creative geniuses
From "The Gladiators" section:

Snowdon Siregar
Our featured gladiator
He studied architecture and majored in psychology but Snowdon chooses to practice neither. In a unique practice he calls “living the gift” he offers his qualified services as a Fitness Trainer and Ayurvedic Yoga Masseur at no fee - from his creation called Wonderhouse in
New Zealand.

“People are usually generous” says Snowdon. He is happy to receive gifts. However, there is no compulsion. It can be in kind and of any value. “As a wise man once said: The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away,” he explains. Wonderhouse has been created from the recognition of the inherent sacredness of humanity before capitalism and its mathematics, exploring purpose, meaning, love, emotions and ideas.

Disagreeing with consumer capitalism, Newton’s "separatism" and Darwin’s "survival of the fittest", he believes in quantum physics that recognises that human beings are interconnected and in fact, collaborative. “The present economic paradigm’s belief in self-sufficiency is an illusion. When we see intrinsic value in each other’s gifts and do away with artificial and shallow values like 'This is worth $100’, it would be ludicrous to demand paper money.”

"We reduce and impoverish our experience of the world though our numbering and labelling it. (Time is money!) Just as the conversion of the world to money makes less of the world, so does the conversion of life to money make less of life."

He believes... "There is a creative spark in every human being that can be ignited by 'quieting the mind'. I think our most fundamental faculty is awareness first. With that awareness comes the possibility of creativity through insight… we must unlearn our cultural indoctrination to be truly creative.”

“Change is the constant and it is the experience of that impersonal changing phenomenon that is creativity. 'I' as the ego can't change anything. The more time I can spend in that state of no 'I', 'creative satisfaction' is experienced.”

Thrust into a world compelling him to “earn a living” and “make something of himself,” he found himself “impeded by a culture that was forcing upon him a lifetime of vocational drudgery” and started a journey of self- discovery. Reading, travelling and exploring the deeper recesses of his mind in silent meditation retreats, he underwent a shift in perspective that changed his beliefs forever.

Choosing to settle in a quaint beach town retreat in Papamoa, NZ away from the bustle of his hometown Singapore, with his likeminded wife and toddler Sophie, Snowdon lives a life of quiet contemplation, growing his own vegetables, rearing free range chickens for eggs and helping his clients stay fit and pain free.

“I have many contemporary sources of inspiration… Charles Eisensteins book 'Sacred Economics' was the catalyst that inspired me to start practice gifting. Peter Joseph, the Founder of the Zeitgeist Movement advocating grassroots sustainability and transition from money-based economics to a resource-based one. Shefali Tsabari's insights on 'conscious parenting' resonate deeply and validates what I've always felt to be true/untrue from my own experiences as a child. All these thinkers offer paradigm shattering insights into different levels of society”.
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