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25/5/2020MONDAYIN CONVERSATION WITH HICHKI - Creative geniuses

Our featured gladiator
Train ticket examiner (TTE)
to become the richest Indian sportsman.

Indian cricketer and the current captain
of the Indian national cricket team.

Just the cricket bat of this unassuming creative genius could fetch him as much as 72 Lac Indian rupees. Popularly known as "Captain cool" and the owner of a Rs.60 lac Hellcat 132 bike, from his fleet of over 20 mean machines that includes the most coveted SUVs in the world. This super-sportsman loves to live in the present. He says:

"It's important to be focussed and to get rid of the extra negative
thoughts that creep in."

-M.S. Dhoni / Press conference / 5th March 2013

"As human beings the only reason why we are so developed is
curiosity and that emotional connect...and we feel it."

-M.S. Dhoni / Press conference / 5th March 2013

"If you stay cool and calm, it helps the bowler. He looks up to me when things are not going right, and if he finds me cool and calm, he gets more confidence. It doesn't help if I go and yell at the players. In International cricket, body language is very important. So I try and keep my emotions under check."
-M.S. Dhoni / April 23, 2010

M.S. Dhoni was in the list of 100 most influential people of 2011 in the Times magazine, both for his achievements and his temperament.

"We are not thinking about the rankings or the ratings because we really don't want to play under pressure. We want to play our natural game, the whole team wants to play under the game-plan."
-M.S. Dhoni/Dec 02, 2009.

"When it comes to playing for your country, you don't really need motivation to go out and perform."
-M.S. Dhoni/June21. 2009

M.S.Dhoni used to serve in the Indian railways before he was chosen to serve at the international level as the captain of the Indian cricket team. And he's made India proud on the field with his game and off it with his words. Also, in the process, Dhoni has managed to create a fortune for himself to live a king's life.

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