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Sanjeev Shankar

Indian music was very new for the audience in Norway and we really didnít know what was going to happen, and to top it all, the listeners were all kids up to the age of 12. Just imagine kids whoíve only known Rock and Pop and have idols like Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog etc., thrown into an Indian classical concert. Anyhow, it was a concert and we were there to play. The concert started and to our surprise all the kidís were silent in the beginning and as the music developed and took some momentum a whole bunch of kids started moving with music, and wherever we would play together, or whenever there was tabla solo or a dialogue between Shehnai and Tabla the kids would applaud. The exchange of energy had started and by the end of the concert the whole auditorium was filled with peace and warmth and there was some powerful energy flowing between us and the kids, and when we stood up to bow before the kidís they wanted more... not just of music but wanted to talk about it... wanted to know more about it. That was so important for us, it was like bowing before a very large audience after receiving a very prestigious award.

-Sanjeev Shankar and Ashwani Shankar are Shehnai Players based in Delhi and disciples of the great Pt. Ravi Shankar.

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