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The Kiwi is a flightless bird. Yet Hichki found this one,
nonchalantly walking off a high mountain into thin air,
whizzing around in the clouds on bright, colourful wings and
slowly landing way down… softly on the beach.

In fact, nothing at the Mount pulls out the 'Lazy-boy' and sits. Except for the odd tourist, content to gaze at the achingly wondrous sunset that covers the ocean and its playthings in wine light from giant ocean-side windows. Down below, runners pant, surfers ride, boats bob, giant cargo ships sail by and every now and then a familiar hoot announces the passing of a cruise ship. All presided over by a pristine presence... the ancient 'Mount' that looms over all things living. With its winding pathways dotted by blazing pohutukawas, rising higher and higher and higher. Sole custodian of the calories of its citizens - looking after both, their health and their wealth, while holding aloft the staggeringly steep real estate.

Yet there is a lightness of spirit in the smiles of the ice-cream lickers, the camper barbies, the proud fishermen, the hot pool soakers, the hang gliders floating daringly overhead, or still-wet beach buddies catching up over 'flat whites' in one of the town’s many trendy cafes lining up the beachfront. Spend a weekend here and you'll start to feel like a local. Already...

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