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8/4/2020WEDNESDAYHICHKI MUSEUM OF ART - Shows and exhibitions
Hichki's fav from the Art Fair, 2012, New Delhi, India

Humans created by a human

Hyperreal sculptures by Artist: Sam Jinks, Australia
Titles: 'Woman and child'
'Small things'

Material: Silicone, calcium carbonate, resin, silk and human hair

In an art world gone all 'techie' and often rather mercenary and cold, it's a stirring experience to encounter the pure human soul. Not in idealised, heroic figures but flawed, 'everyday' bodies with unnerving details that are so lifelike that they encourage a sense of intimacy with the viewers, engaging them to look unabashedly at the un-idealised body of another. It almost brings about "the illusory experience of stepping outside our own skin and seeing ourselves as others see us...", the artist, Sam Jinks.

A highly skilled practitioner of 'hyperrealism', he uses minimal tools to create amazing details that make you gasp... from the loose, pink skin of an infant to the translucent, grey skin of an older lady to the delicate drape and folds of fabric. Strongly emotional, each sculpture has been inspired by a deeply moving personal experience or poetry, lending a dream-state to the figures and conveying the fragility of life.

India Art Fair, 26- 29 January, New Delhi


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