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10/12/2019TUESDAYHICHKI IDEAS - Inventions
The case
of the

One of 2011ís greatest inventions had nothing to do with a fruit called Apple. Or even a phone by the same name. Itís called the ZLD: the Zero Liquid Discharge Sewage Elimination System that eliminates human waste from toilets without leaving odour, sludge or particles that harm the environment. It's capable of eliminating 200,000 galllons of wastewater in toilets, which is typically what a passenger cruise-ship holds at the end of a week long cruise. Invented by
Namon Nassef
from Pentacosta, the ZLD can even be plugged into existing toilets of planes, allowing them to shed up to 500 pounds of wastewater weight over the course of a flight. The device uses the heat of a vehicle's engine to oxidize and evaporate toilet, shower and galley waste and has the potential to work in just about any vehicle with a hot-enough exhaust and a toilet... be it a campervan or a jet. So now, when you gotta go, just go! We no longer need to hold our noses.

Gizmo cauldron/www.hichki.com

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