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Happy Holi!
Postcard from India
------------------------------------Travel section------------------------------------

Splish! Splash! Phachaang! Babble! Hic! If you are travelling to India in March, be prepared to be dunked in every shade of spring as the country celebrates Holi, on the last full moon day of 'Phalguna’ – bidding goodbye to winters and welcoming the onset of spring. The intoxicant of choice is the local 'Bhang’ that adds a slurry, blurry buzz to the revelry, even as homes and streets are sprayed red, purple, green, yellow…like millions of humans, pets, stray dogs and cows.
Century long traditions, inspired by ancient mythology in different parts of the country include the 'Lath Mar Holi’ of Barsana in Uttar Pradesh….where thousands gather at the Radha Rani temple to witness the peculiar spectacle of men provoking women with naughty songs and women paying them back by chasing them with sticks, while hysterical spectators scream out the name of Krishna, the god who played Holi with his beloved, Radha.
Happy Holi!
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