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Pulak Biswas
Meet the Tiger of Kid's Books
world renowned illustrator, who has fired the imagination
of millions of kids in India and across the globe.

He has been awarded the Biennale of Batislava plaque for 'A tiger in the tree' - the biggest honour for any children's book illustrator anywhere in the world.

"I wish children's literature and illustration were taken more seriously in the country. Creating for children is an extremely serious business, it just needs better recognition like in the western countries."
Mr Pulak Biswas in conversation with Hichki.

Narrating one of his most fulfilling moments to Hichki, he says:
"It was in France where I was invited to attend 'Les Belles Estranges' and I
was visiting many schools in that place and found that my book: 'The Tiger on the Tree' had become very popular among the children there. All the students had done drawings, which were their own version of my story and illustrations for the same book. I could have not felt more honoured."

Picasso was inspired by the circus, what inspires our artist?
"Indian forests and tribal belts inspire me for stories related to human and animal encounters. I have visited many places like Sunderbans in Bengal and Madumalai forests in South India, meeting local people and gathering incidents and stories for my future books."

One of India's most celebrated illustrators, he has received many awards for his illustrations, including of course, the Grand Prix from the Biennale of Illustrations, Bratislava for his book " A Tiger on the Tree", and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators & Writers, New Delhi.

Born in 1941 he studied in the Govt. College of Art, Kolkata & went on to receive the UNESCO Fellowship in Graphic Design & Illustration. During his fellowship he studied at the Hornsey College of Art London UK & Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1967-68.
He was invited to attend " Les Belles Estranges" in France by the Ministry of Culture of France in 2002.

He has worked for 17 years in Advertising & Publishing and now focuses on painting and children's book illustration, which he considers his dream vocation, having created innumerable books for children. He lives & works from New Delhi, India

His most recent book "The Flute", was launched in September 2011 in Ottawa, Canada.

Roaring tributes for 'A Tiger on the tree', written by Anushka Ravishankar and illustrated by Pulak Biswas:

"Rare and welcome...Pulak Biswas's two-color art is as bold and evocative as that of Glen Rounds." -- The Horn Book

"Perfect for reading aloud with young preschoolers...The comedic drama blends smoothly with the conservation message in deliciously scary sound words and pictures that will make this a favorite for sharing again and again." -- Booklist

"Ravishankar is well-known in India for her Indian English nonsense verse and Biswas is one of the country's premier children's book illustrators, cheers to the publisher for bringing them to these shores." -- Kirkus Reviews

"The appealing illustrations are naive, childlike, and dramatic. Biswas uses a limited palette of black, white, and orange to create vivid scenes. The faces of the human characters are filled with personality and expression, while the tiger's emotions are conveyed through his body language and eyes. The simple text curves playfully across the pages, adding to the sense of motion in the artwork." --School Library Journal

The Gladiators/www.hichki.com

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