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Tribute to a creator: Jagjit Singh

The voice
You’ve sailed out
On your paper boat.
Said the tide when it returns
It will bring songs from you.

The warm, captivating, reassuring voice re-creating childhood:
“Voh kagaz ki kashti, voh barish ka pani.”
(That paper boat we played with in the rain). The voice that carried the words of inaccessible poets like Ghalib, Firaq Gorakhpuri and Nida Fazil across the world in endearing tunes. The voice that played through the eras on radios, LPs, videos, TVs, CDs and iPods. The voice that’s touched our hearts with a 'ghazal' or 'geet' for every mood. The voice that enthralled thousands in lively concerts.
The voice we’ll miss dearly in a great human being.
R.I.P. Jagjit Singh.

Featured as the main story on the Hichki home page on 11th Oct 2011.

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