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10/12/2019TUESDAYHICHKI IDEAS - Inventions
The god of creativity
---------------------------From the 'Creative Jerks' section----------------------------

Extraordinary humans sometimes need extraordinary cures. Alas, all the investigations, transplants and treatment of Steve Jobs' ailment couldn’t match the fervour or success with which he has given the world some of its most sensational inventions - all within a short life span of 56 years. "I want to put a ding on the universe”, said Steve Jobs and he sure has. Why else would long queues of excited customers sleep outside posh Apple stores across U.S.A, London and Hong Kong, on nights prior to the launch of a new iPhone or iPod or iPad?
Hichki salutes you Steve Jobs for your 'never say die' spirit and edgy yet 'love at first sight' creations and wonders what miracle would you have pulled out of your hat next!
Gizmo cauldron/www.hichki.com


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Main feature on the Hichki home page on 7 October 2011.

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