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SKAL! - Postcard

No schnapps without song in Sweden.
Get together with a bunch of Swedes for a party and the
inevitable happens. Icy cold schnapps is poured into long-stemmed
conical glasses and everyone gets the irresistible urge to sing!

The host jollily booms out 'Helan gar’(drink it up!) in a melody reminiscent of military trumpet fanfares as guests knocks back their schnapps glasses and yell Skål! The ritual continues for hours as the host tops up glasses after every drinking song from a collection that never runs out!

Both creating and drinking schnapps is a quintessential part of Swedish tradition. Drunk icy cold, in one swoop with a silly song it is said to "awaken" the taste buds and heighten the flavour of the main course.

Create your own schnapps:
Add your favourite spices to 33% vodka, leave it for 14 days at room temperature in a closed container, filter and leave and pour in a bottle, wait another two weeks. Pour! Sing! Skal!

“Helan Går
Now for the First!
Sing hop faderallan lallan lay.
Now for the First! Sing hop faderallan lay.
And those who don’t the First one take
Will also number two forsake.
Now for the First!
Sing hop faderallan lay”

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